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Monday, May 2, 2011

Gold coast for Easter, Then the sunshine coast.

Next stop the Gold Coast for Easter, We spent Easter at the gold coast and my Aunty and Uncle went there with my cousin and my cousins friend Sarah and Kayla. there friends also went for a holiday with there daugther and friend Erin and Krystal. We went to Dream world and white water world. my cousin and friends also went to movie world (but i've been there). We went to Dream world and white water world on easter sunday. at dream world and white water world my brother went on all of the big 6 but i didn't. the big six are : the tower of terror 2, the giant drop, the wipeout (jeds favourite), the claw, the cyclone and the motorcoaster. I went on the cyclone and the motorcoaster that was my part in the big 6. We went on alot of other rides aswell but they aren't as big or as fast! we went back again on wednesday but it was showery. my Rekatives stayed at the Crown towers apartments and there friends stayed at the focus apartments diagonly across from them. We had dinner once at my cousins, once we went out, once we stayed home and the other time they came to us. when they came to us my cousin, friends and I all made a tower out of plastic cups, old bottles and cans from dinner. then we left the next day and went to dream world that wednesday.


 Coloundra?sunshine coast, at caloundra we stayed at Amy drabschs Nana's house We met Amy's mums aunty and uncle and we met Amy's aunty, uncle and cousins. At coloundra i was so addicted to the game blokus i made patterns and everything out of the blocks. One day we drove out to the glass house mountains and had a drive there. Another day we went up the coast to the top of the sunshine coast and had a look around the noosa heads national park. We also went Barra fishing at the barra fishing farm near Bli Bli. We didn't catch any because they gave us pelots and they sucked! We then the next day went to kings beach and had a look and a little walk. The next day we went to Kings Beach again and swam in the saltwater pool and Dad and Jed swam in the ocean and went boogy boarding. one of these days we went to the dump markerts to find a bike for jed but he did not wont one, so after the market (that smelt like rotten cheese) we went to Kmart and found a bike for dad to have and jed would have the GT (dads bike that use to be Daniels). the next day we left and went to hervey bay.

Hervey bay will be in my next post

Everywhere inbetween sydney and gold coast

The places we went to between sydney and the goldcoast were:
  • Katoomba, at katoomba we went to the three sisters, and did the scenic railway to the bottom of the forest and the cableway back to the top. the scenic railway is Australias steepest railway (it is not a real train though).
  • Dubbo, at dubbo we went to the dubbo parklands zoo on the second day we where there, the day after we went to the zoo again because the tickets are 2 day tickets. on the second day we rode our bikes around the zoo. At the zoo they had allkinds of animals but you would probably see them at any zoo, but we did see baby giraffes.
  • Uralla/Armidale, at uralla we stayed at our friends friends house. their names were Carol and Steve, carol had a broken leg from falling over so she could not do much. We went out to the gostwyck church and saw the only shearing shed of its kind in Australia, it was round, we also went to Armidale and went to Dangar falls. it had a very thin gorge. at dangar falls we read that a italian man tight roped across the gorge and survived.
  • Coffs Harbour, at coffs harbour we walked mutton bird island and saw a awesome view of the ocean, we also had jeds bike stolen while we where out for the morning, and he had more bad luck he asked mum if she could put his ipod on the charger in the car but she forgot about it and left it on the dashboard and when we were driving around a corner mum had here window down and it went flying out, she heard something smash and said oh no thats my phone but when she went out she saw that it was jeds ipod, then she came back in and showed him, it was cracked and if he hadn't had a screen cover glass would of gone every where, now it is still cracked but it works. At coffs harbour we also met this family from perth they were travelling aroung Australia aswell they had 3 kids, their names are Joanne (mum),  Mark (dad), Emma (daughter), Luke (son) and Ben (son). Emma is my age, actually she turned eleven yesterday. We will hopfully stayed friends for ages. when we get to Perth on our trip we might stay at their house if they are home.
  • Woody Head, next we stayed at a national park and stayed at a campsite called Woody Head, by coincidence we saw the shaw family again after coffs harbour not knowing they were going there, so we had one more night there to have more time toghether. we had tea together every night and had lots of lollies from the Kiosk, me and Emma found some shells with holes in them at the beach so we made a bracelet each. they turned out awesome! then we left but a day before they left.  we also went to the beach and did some boogy boarding. When we where there we did hardly any school work because we had alday with friends.
  • Lennox Head/Byron Bay, at lennox head we did school work the first day but the second day once again we found each other together again by coincidence and then had not much school work. we ahd a roast one night for dinner. One night we had dinner with our family friend Hammish Oldfield, he came to the caravan and had dinner, the same night there was a movie on at the caravan park so we watched that with Emma. At that caravan park there was a lake and a beach acroos the road so after we went to the beach we went back to the lake a boggy boarded aroung to where we were camped near. Then it was time to say goodnight for real so we did.
  • Tweed Heads,  at tweed heads we stayed at a caravan park that had a billabong witha pontoon and a aqua jump in it, we swam in the billabong and hired paddle boards to paddle in. We also jumped off of the pontoon. the caravan park also had a pool, actually 2, so we went to the pool mostly and it had a none heated pool and a heated pool with a slide. We also met some people on a holiday from Towoomba and had fun in the pool with them.

Monday, March 28, 2011


Sydney 18 march 2011 friday

We decided that we would go to Sydney dad wasn't to sure on the driving in the city though.
We stayed at my cousins for 6 nights. Josh and Kristys house is in the suburb of wattle grove.

The day we got there we set up the camper did some shopping then waited for Josh to get home from work at the Holsworthy army base.  Then he got home and we went in side with a warm welcome from Chubbs, Kita (the dogs),Minty and Lewis (the cats). pictured bellow:

In the next few days we stayed at there house. Then on the sunday we went into the city on the train, we had to go train to east hills then bus to Kingsgrove and then we went back onto the train to central station. Then we got the hop on hop off bus and looked around the city. We climbed the sydney tower and went to the aquairiun. then we went back to holsworthy station and went home the way we came.
Then the tuesdsay we went to the train station again and couldn't find a park not even on the 5th level.
So we went home and got Kristy to drop us off then we went on the the train to Circular Quay.
We got of the train and saw the wonderful opera house and sydney harbour bridge.
We didn't climb the bridge it cost heaps!!

We had a walk and went up the steps to the opera house. then went back to the shops and had a juice and mum and dad had a coffee. We walked aroung the harbour and saw under the opera house and we saw Luna park. that was basicly all we did at the Circular Quay. Then Went home Again.
I'm so strong aren't I!!
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Opera house
Darling Harbour
The boys look so much alike dont they!!
Kristy and Josh

This is a Question to all those people who watch dance accademy:
Is this the place were they shoot the Tv series?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Jindabyne and Kosciuszko National park.

We are still in Jindabyne at the moment. It's raining and cold. On Tuesday we climbed Mt Kosciuszko, we got the chair lift up for 600 metres and walked 13 km all up (6.5 up and back).  The walk was easy but the distance made a difference. We made it the hole way up and back. We saw some school kids at Cooma and they accted stupid. They were in Cooma coaches buses and when we got to the drive way of Jindabyne holiday park we saw the Cooma coaches behind us and dad thought it was turning where we were. But they didn't. Luckily. At the caravan park we were at the front of the lake and have a wicked view. We just happened to have a glass breakage now.
Tomorrow we are going to a national park in the snowy moutains on the way to canberra.
On the path to Mt KosciuszkoTop of Kosciuszko

Monday, March 7, 2011

Merimbula and Bournda National Park

At Merimbula we went to a caravan park called Merimbula Beach. We were in a caravan park with a  jumping pillow, playground and awesome pool. We were also write near the beach. We didn't meet anyone though. We also didn't do much but went for a drive to Bega. At Bega we went to the Bega Cheese Factory. Went to some art gallery's and the markets. Merimbula Beach Pool would have to be my favourite pool sofar. We also went for a rock pool walk and saw starfish, crabs and big seasnails.
lovely time there and had heaps of fun.

At Bournda National Park we stayed at hobart beach campground. It's near a lake called wollogoot lake.
We could walk to the lake from our camp spot. We also did a long 2.8 Km up and back and walked 1 km up and back to the bikes. it was a hard ride with my bike and because it was hilly. We got there finally and walked to the logoon and beach. the next morning we drove there again because mum had the idea of going for a walk to the edge of bournda island at 7:30 in the morning. We thought it wasn't an island but when we went up close we saw an about 2m water way through it. We only stayed at bournda for one night though.

Next we are at Jindabyne near Kosiosko and climbing it tomorrow.
have fun Lily

Wilsons promontory, and Lakes Entrance

At Wilsons Promontory we set up camp in Tidal River. We camped in the campground near the Tidal river.
It was so windy in the night nobody slept at all. We stayed Two nights there.  We were also near the beach and swam a bit but i don't like the sea as much as Jed. Not much else to say about that Except we went for a walk across the bridge, over the river and tidal river.

We stayed at eastern beach caravan park at lakes entrance. We went there because it had a jumping pillow but when we booked in the lady said it had a hole in it. luckily she also said that it was getting fixed on tuesday  and we got there on monday. We met people next to us called Meg, Eliza, Fletcher, cooper and little ollie short for oliver. Meg and Eliza were the oldest at nine. When the jumping pillow was getting fixed it was a days entertainment. with the excavator and 2 men. A few days later we went on a cruise to a winery for lunch. the Adults drank wine and me and jed had lots of lemonade.

Next we went to Eden in New South Wahles (finnaly).
we went to the first caravan park we saw. but the other ones were way better.
so we've learnt our lesson about looking before booking.

Friday, February 18, 2011


From Aireys inlet we went to a place called inverloch. We went across the ferry from Queensclif to Serento. on the ferry we didn't see any dolphins or anything but we met some people. When we got at Inverloch we booked in at the Inverloch Forshore Reserve. Next to our campsite we had a walk way to andersons inlet. One day when we were staying at inverloch we went to Phillop island. at phillop island we went to see the penguin parade. at the penguin parade we saw little penguins that would come up every night to go to the burrows. This is a natural thing what they do and is very amazing. (we were not aloud to take pictures). We also went to the motorbike GP track in phillop island. we went at the right time and we got to see the motorbikes training for their events. The next day at inverloch we went to the inlet saw an echidna. We also walked through the shallow water over to an island in the middle of the inlet. On the island we saw lots and lots of little red crabs everywhere in the sand. then we went back over to the actual beach and found a little lagoon and it was warm so jed and i hoped in and mum went back to get her bathers on but dad didn't hop in. we spent five nights at inverloch and now we are in tidle river, in wilsons promontory.